How To Keep Hens Laying Profitably For 100 Weeks


Welcome to an illuminating journey where we unveil the secrets behind maintaining exceptional productivity in laying hens, particularly as they approach their 100th week. In our recent video, we introduced you to the extraordinary chickens residing in Pen House 1 at our farm in Nigeria and their groundbreaking impact on egg production. Today, we embark on an exploration of eight pivotal strategies crucial for sustaining profitable egg production as our hens reach this remarkable milestone.

Part 1: Matching Their Stage With The Feed

In Part 1 of this blog, our focus is on aligning their growth stage with the appropriate feed. Beginning at 13 weeks, a meticulously crafted feeding plan guided our hens through their journey until they began laying eggs. This involved transitioning through Grower Feed, Pre-Lay Feed, and Layer Feed, ensuring optimal nutrition for their growth and egg-laying stages.

Grower Feed (13-15 weeks): We provided Grower feed until they surpassed 15 weeks of age and achieved a weight exceeding 1300 grams. This transition was determined by both timing and weight, critical factors for the phase change.

Pre-Lay Feed (Above 15 weeks, and greater than 1300 grams): The Pre-Lay Feed phase, often overlooked but critical, prepares hens for egg production by meeting their increased calcium needs. Delaying this transition is detrimental, as insufficient calcium impedes egg production and impacts their longevity.

Layer Feed (After egg-laying starts): Our observations led us to transition to Layer feed at 10% egg production, a strategy more effective than traditional practices. Adequate calcium intake is imperative for sustaining optimal egg-laying capabilities.

In the upcoming episodes, we’ll delve deeper into other crucial aspects of poultry farming, offering valuable insights and practical tips for maximizing productivity and profitability in your own flock. Join us as we continue to unlock the mysteries behind sustaining high egg production, right here in Nigeria!

Key Takeaways

  1. Match feed with the growth and egg-laying stages of your hens.
  2. Adjust feed based on body weight from 12 weeks until the commencement of egg production.



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