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Petros Farms, located in a rural area, has always struggled with slow and unreliable internet access. For years, the farm had to rely on MTN’s mobile data service, which delivered a meager 527GB of data over 9 months, barely enough to keep up with the demands of modern agriculture.

But everything changed when Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, arrived on the scene. In just 13 days, Starlink managed to deliver 222GB of data to the farm, transforming the way Petros Farms operates and thrives.

With high-speed internet, Petros Farms can now optimize its egg-laying operations, monitor its flock’s health and safety, and connect with customers and suppliers all over the world. The farm can also offer its employees new opportunities for remote work and learning, and even support local education and healthcare initiatives.

Petros Farms’ story is just one example of how high-speed internet can empower rural communities and unlock their full potential. As more and more satellite and broadband providers compete to reach underserved areas, we have a unique opportunity to bridge the digital divide and create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Let’s keep innovating and collaborating to make high-speed internet a reality for everyone, no matter where they are. Together, we can change the world, one byte at a time!”


Top 5 Key Takeaways
  • Rural communities often struggle with slow and unreliable internet access.
  • Starlink satellite internet service can deliver high-speed internet to underserved areas.
  • High-speed internet can transform the way rural businesses operate and thrive.
  • Bridging the digital divide by providing high-speed internet to rural areas can create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.
  • Collaboration and innovation are key to making high-speed internet accessible to everyone, no matter where they are.



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